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Customs Clearance UK at London Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham. Customs Clearance UK of Sea Freight at Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury, and Barking.

London Heathrow Airport has five main terminals at which you can Customs Clear Goods into the UK. However most customs clearance cargo at the UK’s London Heathrow Airport is transferred to the Cargo centre at London Heathrow’s Shoreham Road Complex. This customs clearance area is in the southern part of London Heathrow Airport next to the UK Heathrow office HM Customs & Excise. Other airlines based at the UKs London Heathrow Airport such as British Airways and Cathay Pacific have their own HM Customs Bonds that are adjacent to the Heathrow Airport Cargo Customs Clearance Centre. Gatwick International Airport is located south of London and has two terminals Gatwick North and Gatwick South. There is one main Gatwick Cargo area on the Gatwick perimeter road and is clearly marked as “Gatwick Cargo Area” as you enter the main Gatwick Airport Services. At Gatwick Airport HM Customs is available for customs clearance into the UK 24/7 and 365 days a year. Although Gatwick is a much smaller airport than London Heathrow its customs clearance times are as quick as it larger neighbour Heathrow and easily comparable to Manchester and Birmingham International Airports. Gatwick Airport is located off of the M23 Motorway and is a one hour drive from Central London. Birmingham International Airport is based in central UK and is approximately 100 miles from London Heathrow, 150 from Gatwick International and 200 from Manchester International Airport. Although it is much small than London Heathrow, Manchester and Gatwick the Airport at Birmingham International is a popular customs clearance airport for importers in Birmingham and the UK Midlands. Manchester International Airport has one main UK Customs Clearance area, which is known as “the customs clearance strip” and is off of Junction 6 of the M56 Manchester Motorway. Each year Manchester International Airport handles over 120,000 tonnes of import and export cargo shipments. The main UK import customs clearance areas serviced by Manchester International Airport for goods coming into the UK for Customs Clearance originate from China and the Far East. Major import airlines such as Cathay Pacific and British Airways use Manchester International Airport as a base for the import freight only aircraft from the Far East to the UK. Customs Clearance UK is a very quick procedure at Manchester International Airport that services the whole of the North of the UK for customs clearance services. Felixstowe Sea Port is on the UK East Coast in the UK County of Suffolk and is the UKs busiest sea customs clearance freight container terminal. Customs Clearance at Felixstowe is managed by a UK Customs clearance software package called DESTIN8. This package allows sea freight customs clearance containers at Felixstowe Port to be transferred to Customs Clearance Agents to entry goods to HM Customs & Excise for Customs Inspection. Felixstowe is a major import port for all origins but is huge in the China to UK Customs Import arena. Felixstowe Port acts as a customs clearance seafreight gateway for all import shipments into the UK where goods can be entered for customs clearance. At Felixstowe Port there are a choice of UK Hauliers who can deliver to the uk importer overnight to any destination in the UK after customs clearance. The Felixstowe Port operates 24/7 and 365 days a year but due to Felixstowe being on the UKs eastern coastline bad weather often affects the operation’s at Felixstowe. High winds often shut down the Felixstowe Container Unloading System and customs clearance has to wait until better weather has arrived. Southampton Port is in the UK County of Hampshire on the UK Southern Coast. The Port of Southampton is a favourite import entry point into the UK for traders and distributors for the South of England due to its cheaper UK transport links after customs clearance. You can Customs Clear at Southampton Port but due to the complicated “Southampton PIN Release” customs clearance systems it is always recommended that an importer use the services of a known Southampton Customs Clearance Agent. Southampton is not as busy as Felixstowe but this can does sometimes give Southampton an advantage over Felixstowe in the winter when Southampton is not as affected by bad weather at Felixstowe. Southampton is also a major sea freight shipping port for regular container vessels servicing the RORO car and truck routes that use Southampton for its convenient UK transport links. The Port of Southampton is an easy and cheap Sea Freight Port for Customs Clearance into the UK. Tilbury, Barking and Thames Port are known in the trade as the Essex Girls as they are based to the East of London. These London Ports are very busy with import shipping containers arriving from all parts of the globe for UK Customs Clearance. HM Customs operate 24/7 Customs Clearance at Tilbury, Barking and Thames Port. Once goods are Customs Cleared into the UK at the Ports of Tilbury, Barking and Thames Port they can be delivered to any UK destination overnight. Please remember that an EORI Number is required for customs clearance of commercial goods into the UK Airports of London Heathrow, Manchester, Gatwick and Birmingham as well as the Seaports of Felixstowe, Southampton, Barking, Tilbury and Thamesport. If you need help or advice with your eori number application at Manchester International Airport, London Heathrow, Gatwick or Birmingham please call us directly. This also applies to import customs clearance into the UK at the seaports of Southampton, Tilbury, Felixstowe, Thamesport and Barking. We offer an Easy Guide to estimate what UK Import Customs VAT & Duty you will pay on imports into the United Kingdom. 1. Convert the value of your goods into UK Pounds Sterling using the official UK HM Revenue & Customs exchange rate. These are listed below, can be found on the UK HM Revenue & Excise website or by calling us at Manchester Airport UK 0161 444 2250 or London Heathrow Airport UK Telephone 0208 754 9000. If you are importing by sea freight into the UK then for Felixstowe Customs Clearance call 01394 548012 or Southampton Customs Clearance call 02381 780192. For UK Customs Clearance of sea freight at London Tilbury, Barking or Thames Port you can call us either at London Heathrow Airport UK or directly at Tilbury, Barking or London Thames Port on telephone 01375 768015. If calling London Heathrow Airport please dial directly the UK Customs Clearance team on 0208 754 9000 or telephone Manchester Airport Customs Clearance UK 0161 444 2250. 2. Calculate the total value of your goods for UK HM Revenue & Customs purposes. This simply means that dependant on the sea freight shipping or air freight shipping terms of your consignment you may have to add the shipping costs to the purchase price of your goods to give you the “total value” to declare on the Customs Clearance UK. Whether you are importing by sea freight into the ports of Southampton, Felixstowe, Tilbury and need Customs Clearance or air freighting into London Heathrow Airport of Manchester Airport you will still need to include the shipping costs when calculating the UK Customs Clearance VAT & Duty. 3. Now you need calculate the basic estimated UK Customs Clearance Import Duty. To do this you take the value of the imported goods plus the air of sea freight shipping costs in UK Pounds Sterling and then establish what “UK Customs Tariff Heading” your goods are defined as. This is a 10 Digit number which our London Heathrow Airport, Felixstowe, Southampton or Manchester International Airport teams will happy to help you find or you can visit the European TARIC website then simply multiply the “UK Sterling customs value” by the duty percentage given on the UK Customs TARIC website. 4. Calculating the UK Customs Clearance Import VAT costs. Add the UK HM Revenue and Customs Duty Taxes that you have just calculated ( If any ) to the total UK customs value of your goods ( as above point 2 ) then multiply by 20% ( as of 1st Jan 2011 ) this will give you the approximate HM Revenue and Customs UK Vat payable on your import consignment into Manchester International, London Heathrow, , Gatwick, Birmingham, Tilbury, Felixstowe or Southampton. Each month HM Revenue and Excise in the United Kingdom publish a basic UK customs rate of exchange for all international currencies that will be used to convert overseas currencies into UK Pounds Sterling for the purposes of calculating UK import customs VAT & Duty Taxes. These UK Customs exchange rates are applicable for all imports through the Sea Freight Ports of Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury and Thames Port as well as at London Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester Airports. The most commonly used HM Revenue and Customs Clearance UK currency exchange rates are listed below. However if the currency is other than those below please call our help line at Manchester International Airport on 0161 444 2250, London Heathrow Airport 0208 754 9000 or visit the HM Customs and Revenue UK website directly at their website : HM Customs Exchange Rates HM Revenue and Customs UK Exchange Rates : Euro Zone EURO ( EUR ) China Yuan / Renmimbi (CNY ) Hong Kong HK Dollar ( HKD ) India Rupee ( INR ) Japan Yen ( JPY ) South Africa Rand ( ZAR ) USA US Dollar ( USD ) Payment of HM Revenue and Customs UK VAT & Duty Taxes for Imports by both Air and Sea Freight at London Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport and the Ports of Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury, Barking and Thames Port. Customs UK Vat and Duty taxes are payable immediately to HM Revenue and Customs UK when your goods are entered into the United Kingdom. The main Airports being London Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick. The main seaports for customs clearance being Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury, Barking and Thames Port. There are two ways of paying the UK Vat & Duty Taxes. A. Firstly an importer can customs clear his own goods at Manchester, Heathrow, Gatwick or Birmingham and pay the import Vat & Duty Taxes directly by either cash or direct sameday bank transfer via the CHAPS payment service offered by all major UK Banks. This being the same procedure at Felixstowe, Tilbury, Southampton and the London Ports of Tilbury and Barking. The disadvantages of an importer taking this “do it yourself” approach to UK custom clearance is that it is a serious offence to wrongly declare UK customs clearance import tariffs and often these mis declarations can lead to high port storage charges at London Heathrow, Manchester, Southampton and Felixstowe Ports and HM Revenue and Customs UK fines. B. Alternatively an importer can use the services of a UK Approved Customs Clearance agent at London Heathrow, Manchester Airport, Felixstowe and Southampton Ports. The benefits of using a UK Approved Customs Clearance Agent at the Airport are that they will have direct online links to London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester International. Most UK Customs Clearance Agents will also have direct links to the sea freight ports of Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury and Thames Port. The Customs Clearance UK Agent will have a flexible payment facility such as a FAS or DAN account which is effectively a standing deposit at London Heathrow Airport or Manchester International Airport which allows immediate customs clearance UK and release from the airlines or seaports bond. This same Customs Clearance FAS and DAN is also used at the sea ports of Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury, Barking and Thamesport. Not all Imports into the United Kingdom Ports of London Heathrow, Manchester, Felixstowe, Tilbury, Barking, Thames Port and Southampton pay HM Revenue and Customs UK Vat & Duty. There are two main types of UK imports into the United Kingdom that do not incur UK import vat & duty taxes at London Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport or the Sea Ports of Felixstowe and Southampton. EC Free Circulation Goods. Goods that have been manufactured within a country that is a member of the European Community or have been imported and the import customs clearance Duties and Taxes have been paid in a European Community Member Country are considered to be in “Free Circulation” within the EC and can freely cross borders. These borders include the UK Sea Ports of Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury, Barking and Thamesport. They also include London Heathrow Airport, Manchester International Airport and Gatwick. It is however to be noted that it is always a very good idea to keep a clear record of these items so as to prove if required that the goods are UK customs cleared and duty and taxes paid. Low Value Goods. Goods imported into the UK and customs cleared by Airfreight into London Heathrow, Gatwick Airport and Manchester International Airport can be customs cleared into the United Kingdom without the need to pay UK Vat & Duty Taxes if the value does not exceed £18 Sterling. London Heathrow Airport Customs Clearance. London Gatwick Airport Customs Clearance. Manchester Airport Customs Clearance. London Tilbury Customs Clearance. London Thames Port Customs Clearance. Southampton Sea Freight Customs Clearance. Felixstowe Sea Freight Customs Clearance. HM Revenue and Customs Regulations. HM Revenue and Customs Clearance Services. HM Revenue and Customs Inward Processing Relief Programme London Manchester.